Thursday, January 26, 2012

a chair for C

we still don't have C in a big girl bed yet...  i wanted to share this little chair makeover with you then, but i'm not exactly sure when that will be.

so, it get's its own post!

i found this chair at my local ReStore.

they are kind of hit and miss, but i've had some success up there lately.  like my lamp.

this little desk is child sized, and was only $15!  i couldn't pass it up.

i wish i had found it unpainted, but since it came white, i decided to paint it again.  the white is sweet, but C is getting a white bed and a white dresser, so i decided to do something kind of bold and bright.  plus, it took less than 2 cans of spray paint, so it will be cheap to change if i ever want to.

it's called raspberry pink from Krylon.  C thinks it's red, but it actually works really well with the pillows and bunting i made for her room.

after i sprayed the entire thing, i knew i wanted to add more.  a little something on the top board of the back rest.

i thought about initials, or her name, but then i decided i would do something more generic.

so, i went with bunting

simple and sweet.

but after walking by it a few times, i felt like it needed a little more.

i was originally only going to trace the little flags and connect them.  but then i got gutsy and decided to add the little polka dots.

i definitely don't have the most steady hand, and i pretty much never paint.  except walls.  but i think it turned out pretty cute.  especially for a 2 years old!  =)

and C loves it.  she loves the little cubby area underneath the seat, and she loves that it's just her size.

we have it sitting in the kitchen right now, and she sits and colors at it just about every day.

i can't wait to put it in her room, whenever it's all finished.


so, i'm leaving for craft weekend tomorrow morning!!  i mean, really?  it is really tomorrow??  it's been very interesting trying to explain to people where i'm going and why.  isn't a weekend FULL of crafting a good enough reason?  i mean, look here and here at what she has teased us with already??

so, my weekend starts tomorrow!  have a good one friends. i promise to take lots of pictures to make you jealous!!  ;)


  1. i adore that chair!!!! i would have died of happiness as a little girl if i had that.

    and the painted on bunting turned out amazing! :)

    can't wait to meet you.

    and not have to explain why i'm going to kansas to craft. ;)

  2. No you ARE NOT going to craft weekend?! I'm beyond excited! I read Meg's blog every day and might have convinced myself that we're best friends (you don't have to tell her that). Have SO much fun and I can't wait to see you in her posts (also be sure to tell me how incredible her house is in real life!)I'm saving my pennies for the next CW!
    Travel Safe!

  3. That chair is perfect! I love it!

  4. Oh my word! I just found that EXACT SAME CHAIR at a garage sale a few weekends ago!
    Did you clean it/sand it first? I love what you did!!!