Friday, January 20, 2012

InstaFriday & a trip

well, i had great plans to blog earlier in the week, but time got away from me.  so, i'm doing a little combo post.

let's start with my Instagram pics...

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we had a really nice laid back weekend, and saturday morning started out with my coffee in my new favorite mug!  the hubs surprised me with this.  i love it!  it's big and simple, yet very cute.  shaun said it was so me.  hmmm....big, simple, yet very cute?  uh....thanks.

the rest of the day i was busy sewing.  i instragrammed my new fabric last week and i couldn't wait to get started.  i had never worked with ball fringe before, but was ready to give it a try.  i used some around the pillow for C's big girl bed, then had enough left over to add a little fun to the bunting i'll be hanging in her little reading area.  LOVE it all!

monday morning we ventured off to IKEA.  the hubs was out of school for MLK day, so we went to get C a dresser.  we had a very eventful trip up.  for the majority of the time it was fine.  then, about 10 miles away, in the middle of nowhere (i seriously felt like i was in another country) C got sick.  like puke sick.  poor thing.  it was terrible.  i was completely helpless and shaun had nowhere, repeat NOWHERE to pull off.  poor thing just had to sit in it for almost 10 min.  but, once we got her and everything salvageable cleaned up, she was 100% fine.  no fever, had an appetite, totally fine.  so, we pushed through.  she fell asleep about an hour after we go there and woke up fine.  strange.  and stinky....

have you ever had these?  they are dangerously wonderful.  seriously.  they are kind of hard to find and i'm glad.  i bought them with the intention of just having a few and then saving them for later.  ate the whole bag before i got home.  dang.

love, love, love, totally obsessed with this little serious of pictures.  this is one of the reasons i don't think i could ever give up my iphone.  i love being able to capture stuff like this, quickly.  C is really into pretending she's asleep these days.  it's kind of my fault.  we like to "trick" daddy sometimes.  that 1st picture is pretty believable.  but i love the 2nd one the most.  she just couldn't hold that smile in any longer.  then "i'm awake!"  love this age, a lot.

more sewing for C's room!  when i cut the fabric for the 1/2 circle bunting, it left me with a lot of strips.  i didn't want to waste them and had an extra pillow form, so i went with this.  and i appliqued a little C on it.  love personalized stuff.

ok - so there's my instafriday.

so, what up with the trip?


do you read whatever?  if you don't, you should.  meg duerksen is pretty awesome.  mom of 5, loves god, loves crafts and is totally funny and relate-able. 

well, have you ever heard of craft weekend?  it's an amazing weekend that she hosts, where all you do is craft.  yep, just craft.  her 1st craft weekend was back in september.  i was beyond jealous when i started seeing pictures on her blog documenting the fun they had.  so, when she mentioned she was having another one and the way to get to come was by putting your name on a waiting list, i thought, why not?  so many people read her blog and will be adding their name too, it's not like i'll ever have a chance.

and then, right before thanksgiving i got an email with the subject "Happy News!".  huh?

and then i almost ran off the road!  (just kidding, i never text/read emails while driving, serious.)  i read the email right after i left bible study and i couldn't get home quick enough!  I WAS INVITED TO CRAFT WEEKEND!!!

so, this time next week, i'll be on a plane, headed to wichita, ks!!!!  i've never been there, but from what meg says, it's cold.  but i can't wait.  seriously.  i'm going to meet 11 other ladies who will be complete strangers, so i'm a little nervous about that, but only a little.  i feel like i know meg, and ashley ann (eek!), and i know that the other ladies coming on this weekend feel the same way.  we all love to craft, so it doesn't matter if they are complete strangers or best friends!

so, there you go! 

we are working on putting together's C's big girl room this weekend.  saturday night will be her first night. and...we've been talking about giving up her paci.  she only uses it at night, we we've been talking about how she won't need it when she sleeps in a big girl bed.  wish me luck!  it might be a long weekend.

have a good one blog friends!


  1. craft weekend!? you're going to have so much fun! You better take 1 million pictures and then come home and teach up everything you learned!

  2. i LOVE that mug! i was staring at it last night as i headed out (and right by the starbucks inside) of target.

    have you had the blonde roast coffee that goes with it? SO YUMMY. i'm obsessed!

    i love that pillow!

    and i'm SO excited for craft weekend! it will be so fun to meet you, craft up a storm, and hey, milk a cow, right? :) see you in exactly one week!

    1. i'm excited to meet you too! i can't believe craft weekend is so close! i'm so ready to getting craft crazy!! =)

  3. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT THE FRONT DOOR! I read her blog EVERY day and LOVE it - you're going to have SO much fun! SOOOOOOOOOO jealous and excited for you! I can't wait to hear all about it!