Friday, January 13, 2012

a $2 lamp

so, i got this awesome new lamp for 2 bucks a couple of weeks ago.  our local ReStore is just a couple of miles away from our house, so when we were there looking for a dresser for C, i stumbled upon this treasure.

awesome, huh?  a regular brass beauty!  and as you can see - $2!!

but i saw her potential. 

we've been wanting another lamp for our living room.  we had one of those floor lamps that were really popular when i was in college, but it just wasn't doing it for me anymore.  plus, you can't pass up a $2 working lamp!

so, i got to work.

i taped a plastic bag around the light bulb area.  i also put the cord in a bag and taped it shut.

i used rust-oleum's ultra cover 2x in gloss navy blue.  i wanted a color that would work in different rooms.  just in case i want to move it, this color will work in a couple different rooms in our house.

so, after it dried, and i found a lampshade at target, here's how it turned out...


it's kind of hard to tell the color, so here's a closer picture

i love it!  shaun loves it too, but i think mostly because it was so cheap!  =)

and since it's friday, i thought i would do a little InstaFriday!

i didn't take many pictures this week, so i'm combining it with my little lamp DIY

C enjoying some peas.  she ate the whole bowl!  i think she was mostly exciting about using a spoon correctly, but i was pretty impressed with how into the peas she was.

some new fabric for C's big girl room.  next weekend we are going to move her into a big girl bed.  i've got some bittersweet feelings about all of it.  i know she's ready, and we are too.  it's still just crazy that my "baby" will no longer be in a crib....

i got a new app on my phone.  diptic.  these are a few before and after pictures from my most recent ReStore finds.  the top two are obviously my $2 lamp, and the little desk is still in progress.  i'll share more about it soon!

so, that's it for friday.

PLEASE come back tomorrow.  one of my best friends is guest blogging.  she is going to share about a ministry/non-profit she has started.  you will love her heart and i'm honored to let her use this space to share it.

happy friday friends!

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